Next Venue

If you and your colleagues would like to host a future A-T International Workshop, here is a format that can be followed for applying to the Organizing Committee. Multiple copies of the proposal should be given to the local organizers of the present workshop, early in the meeting, so that these can be circulated for consideration. On the last day of the workshop, please attend the Organizing Committee meeting and present the material.

1. City, Country for proposed next venue

2. Names of proposed scientific organizers and academic affilitations

3. Prior experience(s) with organizing a workshop

4. A description of the hotel being considered as the main venue for the workshop
     (hotel brochure showing the facility)

Maximum capacity of hotel
Maximum capacity of main conference hall
Dates being considered- year, month, day
Have the dates been cleared for any conflicts with other major meetings.
or major holidays
Description of the audiovisual facilities available
Accessibility (nearest airport to be used, travel routes, connections, detail any
busing requirements, plan/mechanism for retrieving late arriving participants)
Hotel category and room costs, any taxes or hidden costs

5. A financial plan

Estimated costs ($200,000)
Extent for hosting- hotel, travel, registration fees
Anticipated attendance
Funding sources available
Committed sponsors
Letter of commitment from school or major underwriter

6. Theme or focus of workshop

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