Participants traveling more than 5,000 miles to attend the meeting are invited to arrive one day early.

Travel: All participants will be responsible for arranging their own hotel accommodations and travel. The hotel will have a list of invited partipants. Accommodations at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for invited participants will be paid by the organizers directly to the hotel. Travel and ground transportation expenses will be partially reimbursed (with proper documentation) for invited participants (see details beow). The levels of these reimbursements will depend upon the levels of financial support that can be achieved by the Organizers. In the event of a shortfall in conference funding, the travel costs of invited younger investigators will be funded to a greater extent than those of established investigators, reasoning that the former have limited access to funding resources.

General guidelines for travel support for this Workshop:

Distance   Maximum travel reimbursement
(with proper receipts)
> 5000 miles one way (e.g. Europe, Asia)
2000-5000 miles one way (e.g. Canada, East coast USA)
<2000 miles one-way (US Midwest and West coast)


UCLA Travel Center Guidelines: Declaration of Immigration status by Non-U.S. Citizens (pdf)

UCLA Travel Reimbursement Form (pdf)

UCLA Recharge Form (doc) for local particpants who wish to pay their registration via a UCLA interdepartmental transfer.


Original travel receipts and proof of purchase will be required for reimbursement. INVITED Speakers must book their hotel reservations with the Crowne Plaza Hotel, using the 'Reserve your room now' link on the HOTEL VENUE page. Travel / Hotel / Car 'package deals' cannot be reimbursed by the University. Reimbursements will be processed through the Financial Services Division of the Department of Pathology, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. For non-U.S. Residents, additional documents will be required prior to reimbursement. In certain circumstances, funds from supporting organizations in foreign countries may be paid directly to citizens in those countries, without the need to transfer funds to the US. For reimbursements through UCLA, please use the attached forms and answer every question. UCLA is a State school, and is part of a State bureaucracy; thus, reimbursement guidelines are tedious and inflexible. Our apologies!

There is a covered parking garage adjacent to the hotel; however, parking fees will not be reimbursed. Invited/hosted local faculty and young investigators can have their parking receipts validated at the Organizer Desk.

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